Monday, October 29, 2007

So funny I had to share

So I was just kind of surfing through blogs today and I came across this one that showcases funny passive-agressive notes. You can check it out at Anyway, this guy apparently submitted a note he got from a roommate because he tended to be somewhat of a "thermostat tyrant", in his words. He always required that his roommates turn the heat down at night to 55 degrees as well as on holidays and weekends. At one point, his roommate left him this note:
According to the website this guy said that after receiving this note he finally decided to relax a bit on the thermostat rules. I laughed out loud... hopefully you will too!

I heart New York!

So I said recently that I will tell about our awesome New York trip that we took about 2 months ago now. If it weren't for our wonderful friend Robert it never would've been possible! He was kind enough to let us stay at his nice Manhattan apartment. It was located right by the United Nations on a quiet street with a great view of the Chrysler building. We spent the first day doing some of the typical tourist-y sightseeing things, such as going to the top of Rockefeller center to see the skyline, going through St. Patrick's Cathedral, etc. That same night we went and saw the Broadway play Mamma Mia! which was a lot of fun, and thanks to Robert we had great seats!
The next day we made one of Brady's dreams come true by going to a Yankees/Red Sox game. Those tickets are not easy to get! But thanks to Robert and his great connections, we ended up with pretty good seats! The day was super hot, but at least the Yankees won! It was fun to go wearing our jerseys, to sing along with crowd to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", and to eat an authentic New York hotdog. I felt so American :o)
That night Robert treated us and a bunch of friends to dinner at an awesome restaurant named Tao in Manhattan. If you've seen the movie Hitch you might remember the scene where they do the speed dating thing. They filmed that scene in the restaurant Tao. We went with Robert, our friends Heather and Jed who recently got married and moved to NYC, Heather's twin sister and our good friend Hillary (who lives in Grantsville and just happened to be out visiting Heather that weekend), and our friend Steve. The food was SO GOOD! It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We ate ourselves stupid too. The food just kept coming and coming, and all of us ate like we hadn't eaten in weeks! Seriously, it was some of the best food we've ever had. The restaurant was just so cool too. I felt like I wasn't hip enough and that everyone could tell I was from little ol' Utah! It was a blast though. Here's a picture of the dessert tray. We couldn't decide what to get, so we got one of everything. It was like a tray with a little piece of heaven on it!

The next day Brady and I headed out to the Hamptons with Robert and Steve to stay at Robert's house out there for Labor Day weekend. We couldn't have picked a more perfect weekend, the weather was wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed our stay there, I would love to go back someday! The town is so cute with it's tall hedges around every home, little stores, and beautiful beach. The amount of money out there is astounding, but we pretended like we belonged and had a great time! The first night we went to dinner at a nice little restaurant and had such a great time just talking and laughing with Robert and Steve all night. The next day we spent at the beach, which was fantastic. It was warm and sunny and there weren't a lot of people there, although Robert said it was the most crowded he'd ever seen it. Compared to beaches in Cali and Florida, there was no one there! The water was cold and the waves were surprisingly strong, but it was the relaxing little getaway we were looking for. That night we barbecued at the house with one of the neighbors. The food was great and we had so much fun just hanging out once again. The next morning Brady and I hopped on the Jitney bus to head back to Manhattan a little earlier than the other guys because we had big plans!

That afternoon we stopped by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view some of the finer things the city has to offer, then headed out to Queens for the US Open. This was the primary reason we went to New York, to watch the tennis matches. Brady is an awesome tennis player, while I kind of just run around on the court and close my eyes every time I swing at the ball. I still like watching it though! Unfortunately, when you buy tickets you really don't know who you're going to see play, so it's kind of the luck of the draw. That night we saw the #1 woman in the world, Justine Henin, easily defeat her opponent. We then saw the #3 man in the world, Novak Djokovic (I think that's how it's spelled), easily defeat his opponent as well. Brady was excited that night because he caught a flyaway tennis ball!
The next day was a free day we spent just hanging out and taking in some more sights. It was fun to walk around the city and eat at little restaurants. We headed down to lower Manhattan to see Ground Zero (there's still nothing there), Trinity Church- which is one of the oldest buildings in the city and actually used to be the tallest building there. It's crazy because now it's tiny compared to everything else. Some famous historical figures are buried in that graveyard, such as Alexander Hamilton. Ok, enough of the history lesson. We walked around Battery Park and saw the Statue of Liberty from a distance. We were pretty proud of ourselves at that point to be able to navigate the city and the subway system on our own. We didn't get lost once! That night we went for sushi and just had a nice time looking around the city.

The day after that, Tuesday, was a big day because we picked up little Gertie from La Guardia airport that morning! We bought her from a breeder in Miami, but it was too hot in Utah at the time for her to be flown there, so we picked her up in New York and then flew her home with us. Robert was so incredibly kind and generous to drive us to the airport and let us keep the dog at his apartment. It was so stressful for us, because we were afraid she was going to destroy something at his place, but we managed to avoid any major disasters. That day we also went to the US Open again and saw Djokovic play again. He's really fun to watch! We were disappointed we didn't get to see Nadal, Federer, Roddick, or the Williams sisters, but we still had a blast. Djokovic actually ended up in the finals against Roger Federer, so we thought it was cool that we saw him. We saw Venus Williams practicing, but that was about it. That night we went to dinner again with Robert and Steve (this time our treat!) to a great little Indian restaurant. We still can't get over all the good food we had out there! It's a good thing you have to walk so much, otherwise I would've gained about 10 pounds in a week!

Our last day, Wednesday, we took Gertie around the city as we finished up some of our sightseeing. We went to 5th avenue and saw all the wonderful stores. I didn't go in many of them because I knew I'd just want to buy a bunch of stuff but didn't want to spend the money. I did go in to Tiffany's however. I wish I didn't have a weakness for expensive things like diamonds! Sigh... Anyway, we then went to Central Park and had lunch. Since we were flying home that day, we were trying to wear the dog out as much as possible so she'd sleep the whole way. We thought we'd get a little attention carrying around a cute little puppy, but we had no idea! We were like celebrities, it was insane! People were yelling out taxi windows at us, asking what kind of dog she was and asking us weird things like "Did you get her shots? Good!" We couldn't go 15 feet without someone stopping and getting down on all fours in the middle of 5th avenue to see her. People were taking out pictures of their dogs to show us, while other people were taking pictures of her. We probably had about 10 people take a picture of her that day. There was even a couple in Central Park that had just gotten married, and their photographer and videographer came over to get a shot of her. Everyone wanted to give us advice and their opinion. We were absolutely amazed. It was like people had never seen a dog before, and there's dogs all over NYC! Just none as cute as her I guess. Here's an example of how it was on the streets with her. We were constantly surrounded by people. In fact, in this picture we were standing right next to where Martina McBride was doing an outdoor concert and a movie was being filmed in the park, and yet people were taking pictures of us. Craziness!

The flight home was incredibly stressful because of the dog. Since we kept her awake all day she was practically comatose by the time we got to the airport, but she only slept halfway though. Luckily we made it home with our sanity. All in all, it was a trip of a lifetime. We had perfect weather the entire week, had great company, ate wonderful food, and did pretty much everything we wanted to. NYC is such an amazing city. I've never heard so many different languages or seen so many different kinds of people in once place. There is always something going on, there's never just an "ordinary" day. I love the energy there and the variety. Thanks so much to Steve and especially Robert for their hospitality, kindness, and generosity the whole time! We can't wait to go back!

Friday Night Lights

Since August we've been heading out to Grantsville on a regular basis to support Brady's brother Logan and the Grantsville Cowboys during their football season. Logan has basically been the hero of the team, doing an awesome job as the starting quarterback while at that same time playing great defense! He has played pretty much every minute of every single game, and it's been fun to watch him. Brady gets so fired up at the games, it's kind of funny. The Cowboys made it to the playoffs this weekend but unfortunately lost to Wasatch, so their season is now over. Great job Logan for doing so well your senior year! Here's Logan holding his cute little niece Preslee.

On the same note, unfortunately Jordan's football team is done for the season as well. They were undefeated all season up until the very end, then choked in the last 3 games :(. Oh well, maybe next year will be the year for the Beetdiggers!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bye bye fall

So this morning we woke up to *gasp!* SNOW on the ground! Ugh! It's only October and already the snow is sticking. Needless to say, we weren't happy about it. It was Gertie's first experience with snow, which was pretty funny. She was actually afraid of it! She tends to be afraid of anything new on the ground, whether it be paint rollers or a basket, and snow was no exception. I put her outside to do her business and she just sat on the patio steps and gave it the evil eye. Sometime she'd think she was getting brave and try to take a step towards it, but then ended up backing up as much as possible. Eventually I got sick of it so I walked outside and picked her up. She instantly knew I'd make her touch the strange white stuff and started freaking out until I put her down. She sat there for a moment with as many paws raised as physically possible, then started to paw at it. She quickly realized that she could kick and bite the stuff, which sent her into a tizzy. It was pretty funny to watch her running around like crazy enjoying her new "toy". I wished I had been able to take a video of it or something. Oh well, here's a cute picture of her instead:
I'm sad that fall is reaching an end. It's pretty much my favorite season, but I think it's the most fleeting of all the seasons. There's only a short window of time to enjoy it, then it's gone. Luckily I live near a beautiful canyon and had the opportunity to go up and see the leaves a couple of times. The first time we went we saw a moose! Crazy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm sitting here at the computer to do research on the 10-page paper I'm supposed to be writing on emerging diseases, but since it's not due for another week it's really hard to feel urgent about it, especially when I'm just dreading writing it. So I thought I'd blog! Gotta love the internet for helping me procrastinate!

Most people already know this, but Brady and I got an English bulldog puppy about 2 months ago. We picked her up while we were in New York (which is a trip I'll have to write about next time). Her name is Gertie and she's so cute. I'm not used to being the center of attention, but everywhere we take her we are swarmed by people... it's like they've never seen a dog before! Well, none as cute as her anyway :o) She's a sweetheart, but she definitely has a bit of an attitude as well. She can make us laugh and want to pull our hair out within the same hour, but we're definitely glad to have added her to our little family. Here's what she looked like when we first got her- we were in Central Park:

Here's a more recent picture now:

That's right, her shirt says "Proud to be pretty". I'll post some more pics soon.

Well, I can't put off that research forever, probably time to get around to it... sigh...

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Wonderful World of Blogging

So Brady and I have decided that it's time we get up to speed and start keeping a blog! (Which I recently learned was short for 'weblog'... who knew?) It's nice that we can keep in touch with friends and family this way, especially since it seems like we're all so busy and getting spread out across the country more and more. I don't know who will even read this, but it's good to chronicle what we've been up to, even if we're the only ones who ever read it!

Right now I'm actually killing time at work, so I will have to keep this short since I really should probably be doing call reviews with my agents (bleh). At this point in time, Brady and I are just trying to get through another semester at school as we're both working full time. Between work, school, church callings, keeping a house up, family, and a crazy little dog, sometimes it feels like we're just trying to survive another day! But despite how busy we are, life is good. We've been married for a year and two months now, which is crazy, I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. At the same time though, it feels like we've been together forever. We both consider ourselves lucky to know that we will be together forever. I'm looking forward to posting our various adventures here and being able to look back on it down the road. :o)