Saturday, March 15, 2008

Long time, no blog...

So I've totally slacked on my blogging lately. But then again, not much has happened I guess, just working and trying to survive until spring is in full swing. Isn't it nice to finally have some sunshine? I love it. Not much baby news lately. My morning (all day) sickness got worse before it got better, but I think it's finally starting to go away. I still have queasy moments, but at least I don't spend the whole night feeling miserable like I used to. Next week we get to make our appointment for the big ultrasound, where we'll finally get to find out if its a girl or boy! I'm so excited. Just a few more weeks and we'll finally be able to start planning for this to happen.

The other morning we woke up and Brady went downstairs to let Gertie out, when all of the sudden I hear, "AAH! Rache! Hey Rache! Come here!". So I kind of panic and start thinking that the dog is dead or something, when Brady yells out, "She started her period! Gross!" Poor Gertie is in heat. Well, I don't know if I should say poor Gertie or poor us. Not exactly a fun time. Luckily it only happens about every 6 months, but it lasts for about 3 weeks at a time. Next time around we're thinking about breeding her, and then she'll be spayed so we never have to worry about it again. In the meantime though, this is the result:

The dog is finally wearing denim pants! Hehe. She hated it at first, she sulked for about 20 minutes when I put it on her. She seriously sat there with this pathetic look on her face and just stared at me, making little whiny sounds. After she realized that wasn't doing anything, she started rubbing her back end up against a chair to try to get it off, but that wasn't getting her anywhere either, so she decided to just make the best of it. I think she realized it's either wear the diaper or be confined to the kitchen. All I can say is hopefully these next few weeks go by fast.

Here's another funny picture of Gertie. She almost always sleeps with her tongue sticking out a little bit, but a few weeks ago it was pretty extreme. I couldn't resist taking a picture:

How cute is that? This dog is just endless entertainment for us.