Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sick as a dog

Last Tuesday I got home from work and wasn't feeling too hot. Nothing unusual there, so I just spent the night laying on the couch and just ate some salad for dinner. By the time I went to bed I was feeling even more queasy, but figured I could just sleep it off. Then, at about 1:30 in the morning, I suddenly woke up thinking "Holy cow, I feel horrible." And before I could even open my eyes or sit up, I vomited- projectile vomit, to be exact- all over my bed, nightstand, and floor. Luckily I was facing away from Brady, otherwise it would've gone all over him too. And it just kept coming! Brady woke up in panic mode and ran to the bathroom to grab the garbage can, which of course was full to the top already (I learned my lesson to not procrastinate emptying the garbage). In between my gagging and heaving I managed to say something to the effect of "grab me a towel", as if that would do anything. Ah, it was nightmare. (Sorry for the gross details, I could give more, such as how that salad I ate for dinner still haunts me...but I won't). So then we went through the whole process of stripping the sheets, opening the window, spraying the Febreeze, and scrubbing the carpet in the middle of the night. I managed to doze until about 7:30 when I woke up with that same awful feeling, but at least this time I made it to the bathroom first. Thus began the day we can now refer to as "Black Wednesday".

Sadly Brady had to go to work (well, sad for me, but I'm sure it was almost a relief for him), and no matter how old I get I still apparently just want my mom when I'm sick. So I called her to complain about how awful I felt and the sweet woman came over that afternoon and spent 7 hours at my house. She got me soup, got me cool rags to help my fever, cleaned my house, played with my dog, and just kept me company. I would've been lost without her! I said it in my last post and I'll say it again: mom's are the best! I wanted to cry when she left, because I was just so grateful to have her there and didn't want her to go! I know the rest of my family needed her too though. We're all lost without her. Brady managed to do a good job of playing nurse for the rest of the night.

I called my doctor and she didn't seem too concerned about the illness other than the fact that I couldn't keep anything down, because apparently dehydration can cause contractions to start and therefore early labor. Scary! She just told me to try to drink lots and if contractions started to head straight to the hospital. As a result, Brady came home with a ton of Gatorade and ordered me to drink it whether I liked it or not. Luckily that baby seems to like her current home and did not try to come early.

That night I was exhausted and felt I had reached my breaking point. I hate hate HATE throwing up (who doesn't?) and was so weak and dizzy and feverish and just felt like I couldn't bear to do it any more. My dear husband gave me a sweet priesthood blessing, and I slept better than I had in weeks. The next morning we woke up and Brady took one look at me and said "It's good to have you back." Man, was it good to be back! Apparently I had gotten it all out of my system and I felt so much better. I was still shaky and a little feverish, but I could keep some food down. Hooray! And thank heavens, Brady didn't get sick. I never get sick like that, it was very unusual. I guess we all take our turn though. I suppose it just makes us appreciate good health even more!

Here's to good moms, helpful husbands, and empty garbage cans when you need them...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mom's are the best!

In honor of Mother's Day this last Sunday, I just thought I would point out a few things I love about my mom. I really don't know what I would do without her! As I've gotten older I appreciate her more and more, and I know once I have this little baby my appreciation will continue to grow. Here are some of the best things about my mom:

1- She is a wonderful example. Rarely, if ever, have I heard a negative or bad word cross her lips. She has always been an example of faith, humility, hard work, and Christ-like love.

2- She's always been supportive of my dad and an example of what a wife should be.

3- She will give up ANYTHING for her kids. I can't count the number of times my mom has gone without so that her daughters could be happy.

4- She has a funny sense of humor and a fantastic laugh!

5- She is beautiful and has always taken good care of herself.

6- She rarely complains.

7- She loves being surrounded by her daughters and to listen to us tell stories and talk about our lives.

8- She is her daughters' #1 fan.

9- She has a beautiful singing voice and plays the piano. My whole family loves when she sits down at the piano to play. It brings such a spirit of peace to our home.

10- Even though she has never liked to cook, she always prepares a nice meal for her family. Thanks mom!

In addition to these qualities, I have so many wonderful memories of my mom. I used to love going through all her nice jewelry and trying it on, going shopping with her and my grandma (also a great mother!), watching her cook, laughing in restaurants with her, having her do my make-up for dance concerts, having her help me get ready in the temple after my marriage ceremony...I could go on and on. I will never forget the day when I was a senior in high school and I was trying out for the dance Sterling Scholar after school. I was SO nervous. I think that is the most nervous I have ever been. I was sick and shaky all day for some reason, and I remember it was like no one really cared or noticed and I felt really alone. Then, after school out of nowhere my mom showed up in the dance room with a flower, a candy bar, and a nice card telling me how proud she was of me. She helped me get my costume on and gave me a hug. I don't think she knows how much her support meant to me. I was able to do the audition with confidence because my mom was there. Ever since then I have known without a doubt that my mom will always be there for me. Hopefully I will be the kind of mom she has always been.

I would be remiss if I overlooked my wonderful mother-in-law at this time. I have been so blessed to marry into a good family with a great mother-in-law! From the moment I met her she has accepted me with open arms and never hesitates to share her love. Here are some of her great qualities:

1-She has devoted her life 100% to her children.

2- She has been through a lot of crap, but is a strong example of faith and perseverance.

3- She is beautiful.

4- She is innocent and sweet.

5- She loves to have fun.

6- She takes care of her kids at home, her granddaughter, and her dad, all while supporting her family, and never complains!

7- She taught Brady what it means to be a good, supportive husband. She did a great job with him!

I love these women in my life! I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby on the brain

Before I even got pregnant I swore I would not become one of those women that acted like they were the first woman to ever have a baby. I always wanted to tell those women: "I hate to break it to you, but it's been done before...look around". So when I got pregnant I recommitted myself to remaining "normal". To be honest, I feel like I've done a pretty good job of being realistic and realizing that not everyone cares when I started wearing maternity clothes or what color the nursery is going to be or what I am currently craving, so I generally don't say anything unless asked specifically.

However, lately it's like my brain is being consumed by everything baby. I've read that this is actually a natural thing and is part of the normal progression of pregnancy, but it's starting to drive me crazy. I have severe "pregnancy brain". I'm a complete idiot. I can't remember a darn thing. On multiple occasions I have loaded the dishwasher, put the dish detergent in, closed the diswasher, and walked away, only to realize hours later that I never actually heard the dishwasher running. Or, even worse, hours later I return expecting the dishes to be sparkling, and then wonder why there is food still stuck on the forks.

Last month I went to my routine doctor's appointment and did the usual weigh-in with the nurse and then went to give my complimentary urine sample. The nurse told me which exam room to meet her in afterward, but by the time I walked out of the bathroom, I couldn't remember for the life of me which room she said. I thought she said room #21, but there was no room #21! I didn't want to wander into someone else's exam room (that would be awkward), and I couldn't find the nurse. So I just stood in the hallway with a perplexed look on my face until another doctor walked past and asked if he could help. I told him I couldn't remember where to go. He gave me a sympathetic look and said "I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you." To which I could only reply, "That's ok, I'll just hang out here." So I just stood in the hall and pretended to read a bulletin board until my doctor came and found me. This is why I need to bring Brady to ALL my appointments, so he can remember these important details.

It's sad when in the time it takes me to walk from my front door to the car, I've already forgotten if I locked the door or not. We were leaving one day and I got in the car and asked, "did I lock the front door?" Brady gave me a weird look and said, "You were just there 3 seconds ago, you don't remember? Yes, you locked it." The scary thing was though, that instead of me being like, "Oh yeah!", it was like it never even happened. I had NO recollection of the event whatsoever. I wracked my brain for some vague memory of standing at the door with my keys, but came up with a complete blank. I guess that's what I have to look forward to when I develop Alzheimers in 40 years.

I read once that pregnancy causes your brain to shrink up to 8% due to the hormones. I think the preoccupation with preparing your life for a huge change causes the remaining 92% to become inactive or only able to focus on the basics, such as: "I'm hungry, again. Must be time for second breaksfast." Or, "Hey look, another 7 zits today. Fabulous." One of these days I might be able to have an intelligent, analytical thought process again. In the meantime, my family finds great amusement in this new development. I'm glad I can at least supply them with humorous stories for now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Viva la Mexico!!

Oh, it is so hard to leave the sunny warm skies of Puerto Vallarta and come home to SNOW! Ugh! But, here we are, home from our Mexican vacation. Brady and I decided that we needed one last fling before we become parents, so we booked a trip to Puerto Vallarta a couple of weeks ago and happily jumped on a plane. Neither of us had been to this destination before, so it was fun to see somewhere new. We spent an entire week doing a whole lot of nothing, and it was fantastic. We've both been so stressed out the last little while that it was heavenly to literally do nothing all day, if we chose. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort on the beach, which made it sooooo easy for us. All of our meals were included, plus kayaking, tennis, boogie boarding, catamarans, crafts, games, concerts, etc....It was great! All-inclusive is totally the way to go. We spent a lot of time just hanging on the beach or by the pool. We spent one morning kayaking and went boogie boarding in the waves a couple of times, which was a ton of fun. Brady spent almost a whole day playing tennis on one of the days which he loved, and I spent most the time watching him or relaxing by the pool, which I loved.

We went into town one night, which I'm glad we did, but we didn't feel the need to go again (hooray for all-inclusive!) We managed to successfully navigate the crazy, dusty, hot bus system to downtown Puerto Vallarta where we had a fabulous dinner on the beach at sunset. Who doesn't love that? Although it was a little stressful because we don't speak the language, had to use a different currency, and the Mexican streets seem to have NO organization whatsoever, we were proud of ourselves for getting through the experience without any major problems. Luckily, a lot of people speak English down there, which is great because the extent of my Spanish is "gracias" and "hola". I think I did manage to pick up a few more phrases though.

We were especially proud of ourselves for not getting burned to a crisp within the first two days! We both got a little burned by the end, but for the most part we managed to avoid the pain and blistering that we got the last time we went to the beach. It's nice to have a tan again.
Although, I was rather self-conscious about being in a bathing suit while pregnant, but after a while I realized that there were a few other preggos there and that while I may have a big pregnant belly, there were a LOT of people there who had nice big bellys that were not pregnant that were not shy about showing them off! So I fit right in :) For the first time in my life my belly-button is an outie, so my belly button got burned! It looks like a little red button right in the middle of my stomach. Kinda funny.

There were a lot of interesting people at the resort. They had plenty of bars around the place and the alcohol was part of the all-inclusive deal, so we spent many evenings watching the drunk people try to interact and dance. Good times! Unfortunately we inhaled a lot of second-hand smoke throughout the trip, yuck! In Utah we're pretty sheltered from all of that, so it's always a shock to go somewhere else where smoking is the norm.

Sadly, Brady started getting a cold a couple of days before we left, which is totally ironic since neither of us have gotten sick all winter. I thought I would escape it, but halfway through the trip I came down with it too. It was kind of a bummer to be sick on vacation, but at least we could relax as much as we wanted without having to worry about work. We're still working on kicking this awful cold. It just won't go away!

My family was nice enough to take care of Gertie while we were gone. I think she got spoiled rotten. My sister even took her to be bathed and brushed professionally and have her nails clipped! She got all the attention she could hope for. She's probably disappointed that we came home!

All in all, it was a much needed vacation and we loved it! The best part was being able to hang out with my sweet hubby for 7 days straight. I just love him more all the time and to have his company non-stop like that was awesome. It's not very often he and I just get to hang out together. I wish we could go back! I'm glad we have the memories now. Here's some pics from the trip:

We found a Lamanite wandering around...
The view from our room:

Sand sculptures on the beach in PV- this one is of the Last Supper. Amazing!
Dinner in Puerto Vallarta. No, we did not try to match, it just kind of happened...