Monday, September 29, 2008

Blessing day

Yesterday was Claire's baby blessing. It turned out to be a great day! For the last few weeks we have been working feverishly to get our basement finished and our house ready for the baby blessing, so I've been pretty stressed. The blessing day was this big weight on my shoulders and I couldn't wait to get it over with! Turns out I didn't need to stress as much as I did! Everything went so smoothly, I couldn't have asked for anything better. We got a ton of help from our families in the last couple of weeks and I am so grateful for their generosity and hard work!

Our church starts at 8:30 AM (which feels SO early on a Sunday), and we made bright and early to church. Claire was an angel during the whole meeting. I thought for sure she'd scream during the blessing but she did great. Brady did a wonderful job and I'm so proud to have him as my husband. I am so lucky to have such a great little family. Afterwards everything went well with the food, the weather was nice, we enjoyed being with our loved ones, and there were no catastophes! Hooray! All in all it was a very special day. Claire wore the blessing dress that I was blessed in as well and she looked cute as can be. She's getting so much more alert and just watching her is such a joy. We were so glad that so many we cared about could be there with us, even though it was early! The older I get the more I appreciate family and I love any chance I get to be surrounded by them.

It's nice now to have all that behind us and to relax and enjoy our clean house (a rarity these days). Here are some pictures from the day:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy day!

The day I've been waiting for has finally come...Claire smiled at me- and on purpose this time! (Normally she smiles as she's falling asleep). Hooray! You wouldn't think such a small thing would matter so much, but after 2 months of having her stare at me, or cry, a little smile is the most rewarding thing ever. It just melts your heart! Yesterday she was laying on my lap just being happy and I was talking to her and making faces. I smiled a big cheesy grin, and she smiled right back! Later that night she was smiling at my mom too. It was so cute. It's so funny how one day they suddenly decide to start smiling. Now I spend half the day trying to get her to do it again. Hopefully I can capture it on camera soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weekend Getaway #2

Ok maybe this "getaway" wasn't so much a vacation, but we still had a good time visiting friends and family in Grantsville. It's the first time Claire has been out there so the family had a good time showering her with love. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were nice enough to do all the feedings for us on Saturday night, so for the first time in almost two months I got to sleep through the night! The funny (and sad) thing is that my body doesn't even know how to sleep 8 hours straight anymore. After dealing with pregnancy where I woke up every time I tried to roll over and had to go to the bathroom constantly, then having a newborn that wants to eat constantly, I continued to wake up over and over even though there was no reason. Oh well! It was still nice. I would do just about anything at this point to get Claire to sleep through the night. I'm trying every suggestion out there, but she has a mind of her own and will do what she wants I guess.

Brady's sister McKenzie had a little boy last Thursday so we got to visit him again as well. How fun for Claire and Cruze to be only 6 weeks apart! I can't wait to see them grow up together.

Claire started out so little that she and Cruze are about the same size. Obviously she has some more chub on her, but they are now the same length and almost the same weight. Cruze has bigger hands and feet too. I don't know if he's bigger or Claire is just really petite. They're both totally adorable though, I must admit :) Babies are the best!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Getaway

We decided to make our first attempt at taking Claire on an overnight stay somewhere. So we threw the Pack 'n Play in the trunk along with about a million other things (for one night, mind you. I can't believe how much gear a baby requires!) and headed up to Park City with my family for Labor Day. We went down the Alpine Coaster, which is super fun. It's right next to the Alpine Slide and is relatively new. We went out to eat and just had a good time with the fam. Claire did great and it was nice to get out of the house. Traveling with kids is quite a feat and I'm sure it will only get more difficult as time goes on.

We sure are loving our baby girl. I swear she changes every day! She's definitely putting on some adorable pudge and is getting more alert and stronger all the time. I love having her cuddle up on my shoulder and fall asleep. It's heavenly to smell her sweet baby scent and to feel her soft skin. She's really a very good baby with very little fussy time. I was a horribly colicky baby and screamed for 12 weeks straight. I thought for sure I'd be cursed with children as awful as I was, but she's been great! Now if I could only get her to sleep through the night things would be perfect. I feel so lucky and am just overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to be a mother to such a sweet little girl. Brady is equally enamored with her and is a fantastic dad. I always knew he would be though.

Maybe someday I'll have something else to write about other than all things baby, but for now, this is what our life revolves around. I wouldn't have it any other way though :)