Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's only fair

So Brady wasn't exactly thrilled that I told the blogging world about his drugged up ramblings. So, to be fair, I'll admit I've had a few of my own. The most recent was when I was in labor with Claire. I went a good 10 hours before I got an epidural and the pain was getting pretty bad. I decided to let them try some sort of painkiller (it was similar to morphine) that made me waaay loopy. I couldn't even focus my eyes and was slurring my words and all sorts of things. The contractions still hurt, but my "high" took my mind off it.

Anyway, at some point in my druggy haze I decided that I should say a prayer for some reason, so I started saying a silent prayer. I don't know how long I had been saying this silent prayer- I think I started dozing off- but I realized I was praying about hot tamale sandwiches. Yes, you read that right. Hot tamale sandwiches, whatever those are.

I told Brady and he thought it was just about the most hilarious thing he had ever heard.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Evening giggles

So Brady and I are both battling colds right now, but his is worse than mine (knock on wood, cross your fingers, say a prayer, throw change in a wishing well... whatever it takes, but please don't let Claire get sick again!). The poor guy is pretty congested, so last night he took some night time cold medicine to help him get a good sleep. I love when he takes it, because it really affects him and he always starts to say funny things before he drifts off. Last night was no different.

Apparently the medicine hit the "talk" button on Brady! Normally he's not a huge talker. Don't get me wrong, he talks, but he's no motormouth. So last night he's laying in bed and I'm getting ready to read my scriptures for a bit and he said something kinda funny, but I can't remember what, but he said he was going to stop talking before he said anything stupid. I said, "No honey, share some more deep thoughts." He thought I said I was going to share a spiritual thought, so I said ok, I would. But then out of nowhere he just starts rambling in slurred speech with his eyes closed: "You really did a good job with that first discussion (we're going through the Preach My Gospel manual together), it's sad you figured it out in only 10 minutes when some of my companions could never figure it out...good for you...HEY! You wanna hear something weird?? So Vince has this cousin who is kind of like a midget and has a huge head, and he hooked up with this girl from Japan and they had a kid and it was crazy because they broke up and his sister adopted the baby, but then later they got MARRIED. Isn't that so weird? Yeah, I was going to tell you that like, 3 years ago but I totally forgot until tonight..." To which I said, "Oh, wow, that's pretty did you want me to share a thought or not? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't mean a ding dang thing to you at this point." Which he thought was the funniest thing he'd ever heard and he proceeded to giggle, yes giggle, like a schoolgirl for several minutes.

Ah, how I love night time cold medicine. Cheap entertainment!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All work and no play...

...makes Rachel a dull girl. Hence the lack of blogging lately. Right now it seems all we do is work, work, work, take care of the baby, clean, cook, and attempt to sleep as Claire wakes up 6 times a night (no joke, it's been awful, I don't know what her deal is the last couple of weeks). I hate to be a total downer, but life has been tough lately. From stresses at work to personal struggles, and even things as ridiculous as frozen pipes, it seems that when it rains, it pours, right? I just need to remind myself that there must be something to learn in all this and I need to stay positive and do my best.

On the plus side though Claire has reached such a cute phase. It's been so interesting to watch her become more and more aware of her surroundings as the months pass. She is just so darn cute. She is very observant and loves to study everyone and everything. She is so smiley and loves to put on a little show of smiling and "talking". She is fascinated by her toes, her reflection, running water, my necklaces, the tv remote, and glowing cell phones. Not to mention sticking out her tongue as far as she can and most recently panting. Why, I don't know, but apparently she thinks is fun to breathe funny, just because she can. Even though she is the reason we are so dang exhausted, she truly is the joy in our lives.

Despite our challenges though, we have been very blessed in many ways, so I should be grateful. I have some good things to look forward to and at least life isn't boring!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New toy

So I got a new fancy-schmancy camera for Christmas that I'm pretty excited about. I have a ton to learn on it, but so far it seems pretty cool. Here are some of the first shots. Big shocker, they're of Claire, of course. Hopefully I can get pretty good with this thing.

Last night Claire was having a hard time going to sleep, so Brady went up to take care of her. I went to check on them and this is what I saw. For some reason it struck me as so sweet. Everything I love in one place :)