Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Not much new and exciting lately. I'm happy the semester is over, even though I was only taking one easy class! It's just nice to have one less thing to worry about. I am going during the summer, so I guess I should enjoy it for the next week until things start up again. I can't believe I've been going to school for so long. I just want to get it over with! Ugh. My youngest sister is 8 years younger than me and is graduating high school in June. She will be going to the same college I do, so now I attend the same school as my two youngest sisters. Cool for them, but kind of sad for me considering I should've been done forever ago. Oh well, I figure that the fact that I keep trying counts for something. I'll probably have over 300 credits by the time I get my blasted bachelor's degree!

We are all finally healthy, hooray! It's so nice. I missed my happy little baby. Claire has just been so cute now that she's feeling good again. She is so active and busy and loves to make lots of noise. She's able to feed herself little bits of food now which I find hilarious. She absolutely loves Gertie and every time I try to feed her she hangs over the edge of her high chair trying to look at the dog. She loves to read books and go on walks outside. She's really become my little buddy, and I love it. It still amazes me how much love I feel for this little person. Hopefully we can all stay healthy now that the weather is warming up. Although, that swine flu is really starting to freak me out...I have to fly to Las Vegas next week and I'm worried about being on a plane with a whole bunch of people who could potentially be sick. I'm tempted to wear one of those face masks, but I don't want to be paranoid either...what to do?

I'm addicted to chocolate- again. I managed to do a good job of getting off sweets a few months ago, but then Valentine's Day and Easter had to hit. I never buy junk food just to keep in the house, but on the holidays I get a ton given to me, and I can't just let it go to waste, right? I need to get back on the wagon.

I love American Idol this season. I liked last season a lot too, but I think the group they have right now is amazing. I love Kris. I love Danny too. So hard to decide! Sorry y'all, but while I think Adam is a fantastic performer, he's not exactly my cup of tea. I like my men to sound like men when they sing, you know? And while I can see how some people find him attractive, I think he looks like Peter Pan or something. Call me crazy, but those are the facts (according to me!).

But, as much as I like American Idol, I cannot wait for So You Think You Can Dance?. May 21st people! I. LOVE. IT.

Alright, enough time wasting. Back to work!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Claire is sick AGAIN. Bah! She has been sleeping horribly this week because she is teething (she has half of one tooth and another one cutting! She's growing up so fast!) and her schedule got thrown off in California. On Friday she took a 3 hour nap which I attributed to the fact that she hadn't slept well the night before. When I got her up she was burning up, so I took her temp and it was almost 102 degrees! I stripped her down and just put a blanket on her and took her downstairs to feed her. Once she finished eating, she just chilled on my lap for about half an hour, holding my finger. She never does that anymore! She is so active and busy all the time, constantly wanting to play and explore, so I knew she wasn't feeling good. She was that way the rest of the afternoon.

I wasn't feeling so hot myself, and when I got home from work I was feeling pretty crappy. I had wicked chills and was weak and nauseous. During the night I felt like a human furnace, but my fever broke somewhere around 6:00 in the morning and I woke up drenched in sweat. Claire had another awful night, and I was hoping she would get over her fever quickly too, but no such luck.

She was screaming for quite a while this morning, then calmed down when the ibuprofen finally kicked in and she felt a little better. Again this afternoon she was burning hot with bright red cheeks, so I took her temp again and it was 102.9! The poor thing has been quite miserable. Of course, she gets sick on a Friday afternoon and her pediatrician is closed over the weekend. I never know if I should give her 24 hours and see if she gets better, if I should take her to the InstaCare, or who knows what? No one trains you to handle this sort of stuff! My number one fear about becoming a mother was that my baby would get sick and I wouldn't know what to do. When you have baby showers and people write down their advice everyone writes stuff like, "take lots of pictures!", or "sleep while the baby is sleeping", or "enjoy the time you have, it goes fast!". Yeah, that's all great and stuff, but where is the real advice when I need it?? What kind of cough is a "bad" cough? How high does a fever have to be to be considered high? When do you give medicine and when do you not? What do you do when they throw up? What if they're just screaming forever but you can't find any other symptoms (as in the case when she had a bladder infection at 3 months old) How long to you wait before you call the doctor? That's the kind of advice I need! Thank heavens for moms, that's for sure. I think I call my mom about 3 times a day whenever Claire gets sick. Luckily, she calls me just as often to check in and see how she is doing, so I don't feel bad :)

I can't wait until this awful cold and flu season is over. I should get to bed because I know tonight is going to be another loooong night.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of my biggest fears is failure. I hate to fail. As a result, I think I hold myself back from a lot of things because I'm afraid I won't be able to do it, or I will look stupid, or something along those lines. I need to learn to look at my failures as opportunities to improve myself, and not be afraid to take a chance. I thought this video clip was great.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vacation pics

The babies were ready to play after we drove all night to get there...

Beach time!
Claire's first time at the beach. She didn't like the sand.
All wrapped up. I highly recommend one of these wraps, she loved it!
"What's with all the pictures?"
Sadly this is how we spent much of our beach time, letting Claire sleep on us.
Little Cruze was so wiped out he fell asleep holding his toes. The fam in Laguna Beach. Once again, Claire was sleeping on me. Grandma with the kiddiesWorking on their tans...

Bonfire on the beach

Wow, sorry, that was a lot of pics. Hope you enjoyed them :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

This and that and a rattle-a-tat, one two gumshoe, whatcha gonna do?...

(Good for you if you know what song that is from!)

Time for an update! Well, good news, little Claire is getting better. I took her to the doctor and she had RSV, but not a severe case luckily so we just had to let it run its course and keep her hydrated and comfortable. Most kids get RSV at some point, so I'm just grateful that our brush with it wasn't anything too scary.

Yesterday we got home from a trip to Newport/Laguna Beach, California. It is SO hard to come back to real life. Every time I go on vacation I am amazed at how incredibly quickly I adapt to doing nothing and having no responsibilities. If only it were the reverse! I LOVED not having to work for a whole week. Even better though, it was heaven to have a whole week with Brady and Claire. We really don't get to spend a ton of time together as a family, so having so much uniterrupted time with them was the best. I miss it horribly already. Pulling into the parking lot at work today made me want to cry. Sigh...

We went with Brady's family and rented a condo on the beach, which was way fun. For a few of his family members it was the first time they had really spent any time at the ocean. Brady has been determined for the last couple of years to get his family together for a vacation, so I'm proud of him for making it happen. I was nervous about whether or not we would have good weather, because there were a couple of times as a kid that I went to Laguna Beach and it rained the entire time. We were very fortunate though and had great weather. Most the days were clear and sunny, and a couple of them were actually very warm! It would get cool at night, but I can handle that :) We stayed right by the Balboa Pier which was a nice, central place. We were right by the beach, as well as shops and restaurants and a little fun zone, etc. We really didn't plan a whole lot. We spent time at the beach, spent a day at Laguna Beach (my favorite place in the whole world. As corny as it sounds, I feel like I'm home when I'm there. I've grown up going there and just adore it), went to a big swap meet and did some shopping, ate lots of food, watched movies, etc. The rest of the family went to Disneyland one day and we stayed behind and watched the babies. I was glad we did, Disneyland ended up being a bust. It was crazy crowded that day, hot, and the rides kept breaking down. They all ended up giving up and coming home several hours before they had planned. So much for the happiest place on earth! It was fun for Brady and I to have the two babies for a day, but heaven help us if we ever have twins! Brady and I had the chance to go out on our own a couple of times for a nice dinner, walks on the pier, etc. It was so nice to have some little dates here and there.

Claire did pretty well, it was fun to have her there. However, I discovered that the "relaxation" part of a beach vacation pretty much disappears when you have a baby there. Cruze is the most laid back baby in the world and he was really good at the beach, but Claire was a different story. It seemed like everytime we finally hauled all the crap down there she decided she was tired and wanted to be held while she slept. All the while I'm trying to put sunscreen on her (as she screams), keep her shielded from the sun, avoid getting sand all over the place, and sweating as she sleeps on me. Oh well! I just have to take each phase of life for what it is, right? She didn't really like the feel of the sand, and at first the ocean scared her (there were some really big, loud waves) and she would shake when we took her down by the water. After a day or two though she got used to it and seemed to really enjoy it. The beloved schedule I have worked so hard to create for her went right out the window, but we'll get it back hopefully. She actually did great during the drive there and back, so I'm very grateful for that. She sure did look cute in her little swimming suit and sun hat. I'll post pictures soon.

Anyway, all in all we had a great time and we were sad to leave. Hopefully we won't be away for long though!