Monday, July 27, 2009


I don't know if there are many feelings better than looking at your bank account online and seeing this:

Line of credit: $0.00
Visa credit card: $0.00

After paying far too long for poor judgement in our foolish, younger years we are finally freeing ourselves from consumer debt. Hallelujiah!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer fun

We've had the chance to do some fun things this summer, which we are very grateful for. Last summer was kind of a bust with me being either hugely and very uncomfortably pregnant, or we had a newborn. And since we had no clue what we were doing with that little newborn, we pretty much stayed home all the time because the idea of coordinating an outing AND taking care of the baby was a hugely daunting task.

We've discovered though that babies are surprisingly portable and we've had a good time taking Claire out and about. We've been swimming a few times, to a couple outdoor concerts in the park, to the mountains, to see fireworks, etc. It's been great! I had forgotten how nice summer actually was. I missed being outside! I'm already dreading being cooped up for months on end once winter hits.

Last night I had the chance to go to the Kenny Chesney concert with my girlfriends, which was a blast as always. We've been to a few of his concerts now and he always puts on a fantastic show. I'm sure people think we're either drunk or crazy because we sing and dance the entire time, but we don't care what anyone else thinks :) Last night was a little difficult because it was sweltering hot. 105 degrees to be exact. SO. HOT. And anyone that knows me knows I don't do well in the heat. The concert started at 5:30, so we basically just sweated our guts out in the sun for hours until it finally got dark. Everyone was too hot to sit in their seats and watch the opening acts, so the crowds, including us, were out standing in line at the concession counters to pay a fortune for water and hoping for cups of ice. We stood in line for over an hour to get ice. No joke. We went to one counter, and they said they had ice, but no cups. So we went and got in another line that took 45 minutes to get through. And can you guess what they said? They had cups, but NO ICE. That's right my friends. How is that for irony? So they gave us the cups, and we went back to the other line to wait forever to fill our cups with ice. LAME. But still worth it!
Can you tell how warm it is? Ugh!

I was kind of bummed because one of the opening acts that I was totally looking forward to cancelled, but the rest of the show was still great. Cute little Miranda Lambert kept me entertained every time she said "Utah". She pronounced like "yew-TAW" everytime. Gotta love that Southern drawl!

I would have to say that the best entertainment of the night though were these individuals:

Drunk as can be! Holy cow, I've never really seen anyone drunk like that, it was hilarious. I've seen drunk people before, but not like that! The lady- who wore a variety of hats and t-shirts throughout the night- seemed a little buzzed already when she got there. She disappeared for about and hour and a half, and came back completely smashed. She started stumbling up the stairs towards her seats by us and came to a couple of ladies sitting down. She grabbed their hands and started dancing around, smiling and singing the whole time. She then moved to someone else and did the same thing. She started yelling to her husband, flailing her arms the whole time: "I've made so many friends tonight!!!". Over and over, gesturing wildly. She then moved on to a group of girls in front of us who had also had a few drinks and hugged them and danced around and announced it was her husband's birthday, and proceeded to throw her arms around his neck and drag his face down (she was a row lower than him) and insist all the girls kiss him on the cheek. She then turned to her husband and said, "I've had a few beers" like it was a secret. Haha! Oh my goodness, the stories I could tell from watching those two. The dancing, the clothing changes, the flashing as she tried to climb over seats, the singing, the waving of the arms, the spilling of beer on two innocent old ladies, the removal of clothing to clean up the beer...Good times! The sad thing was they had their two sons with them, one about 15 and the other looked about 9. They were mortified. Poor, poor kids. The lady started looking like she was in really bad shape after a little while, and the whole family got up and left after about 20 minutes into the main show. I'm a little worried about how they got home....

So all in all it was a fun night. Hooray for summer!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend

Happy Independence Day! We were able to enjoy a nice holiday weekend. Unfortunately Brady had to work most the day Saturday (lame), but he was able to get off a little early and we went out to good ol' Grantsville. We had a BBQ at his brother's house, then hung out at Grandpa Johnny's with the rest of the fam to watch fireworks and eat homemade ice cream. The weather was great and we had a good time. I was a little worried about Claire being scared of the fireworks, but she did awesome! She loves lots of action, so she was such a good girl even though we kept her up way past her bedtime. Well, until we actually did go to bed later on, that is. Claire thrives on routine, and since she went to bed 3.5 hours late she had an awful night= we had an awful night. All is well now though, so overall the weekend was a success!