Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spoiled rotten

Today is my 26th birthday. Twenty-six. Ugh. In my head I know it isn't old, but the fact that I'm moving into my "late" twenties still makes me cringe. It's hard to believe that 10 years ago today I turned 16, the birthday I had longed for for what felt like forever. A whole decade ago now! Sigh...

This birthday isn't depressing though. My dear husband has showered me with more gifts and pampering than I deserve. A week ago he took me to see "It's a Wonderful Life" from Odyssey Dance Theater, and if you know me well you know how much I love dance. Second row tickets even!

Then on Friday he arranged for a baby-sitter and whisked me away to the Little America for the night. We ate (and ate and ate!) at The Roof, with a spectacular view of the temple and the lights on Temple Square. We dined with Elder Bednar, Elder Hales, and Mitt Romney and their families. Ok, ok, we didn't eat with them, just close to them. :) It was heavenly to have a long, delicious, relaxing dinner with my cute husband.

We then took in the sights of Temple Square and froze our little buns off. We returned to the hotel to sit in the hot tub (a bunch of other people had the same idea!) and went to bed early (that's how I know I'm getting old, when I look forward to going to bed early and having an uninterrupted night's sleep!). In the morning we ate (and ate and ate!) at the scrumptious breakfast buffet and went to the Gateway to do some Christmas shopping.

We returned home to a smiley and silly baby and we all took a nap.

It's been a happy birthday indeed. And to think I forgot to take a single picture!

Thanks to my sweetie for spoiling me rotten.