Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cabin fever

Well, we've reached that time of year when most of us go into hibernation mode and hope to simply survive until spring. I have to admit I've been feeling pretty cooped up these days. It doesn't help that I feel "caged" by responsibilities on top of being stuck inside due to the weather. Once again, Brady and I started another semester at school. He is going full-time and working part-time while I go to school part-time and work full-time. Combine that with a busy toddler, church callings, and family it can get to be a pretty crazy schedule. The good news is that the end of school is in sight! Not immediately, but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hooray!

In the meantime Claire has truly become a toddler. She is so smart and is beginning to assert her independence. At 17 months she talks constantly and says more words than I can count, knows some of her colors, tons of animals and the sounds they make, all the body parts, and some phrases. It is so fun to hear her parrot everything we say in her cute little voice! While this age is certainly challenging, it is so stinking cute at the same time!

How we stay entertained on long winter mornings- she loves to tear toilet paper into tiny bits:
Getting into the pots and pans after church. I wish I could get her to hold still long enough to get a picture of all the curls coming in on the back of her head. Love it! This wild woman will never keep a bow in her hair though!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can't fight this feeling anymore

(<-, sorry, don't know what that is, can't get rid of it) If you don't watch this show you should (although it won't be on again until the spring). Definitely one of those "feel good" shows. I am a "Gleek" (get it? glee + geek) for sure.

My sister gave us this CD for Christmas. It's a great CD, I can't wait to get volume 2. But while I thoroughly enjoy it, Claire LOVES it. I have it in my car and now every time we get in the car she starts pointing to the stereo and saying "pease??" (please) until I turn it on. She then bops her head and softly da da da's along to the music. Every time a song ends she claps her hands and then points to the stereo and says "gain??" (again) until the next song comes on. It cracks me up. I've never seen her respond so strongly to music before, and I'm glad she's developing a love for it.

Sometimes she'll try to get me to put her coat on while we're at home and she'll start heading to the front door. I have the suspicion that she's just hoping to listen to the CD again. At least car rides are smooth sailing lately!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Recap

For some reason this last year is pretty much a big blur to me. I think we were just trying to survive having an infant + working full time + church callings + school + health issues and the little details of daily life. I think the year ended well though, and I'm looking forward to a new year!
Here's a little recap of how this last year went (warning: LOTS of pictures ahead):

JANUARY started off with a little trip to a local B&B for some R&R:

FEBRUARY brought a hockey game and family birthdays:

MARCH...uh...well, I think a whole lot of nothing happened in March. Although it did seem like Claire was starting to grow up fast!

APRIL was great with the big family trip to Newport Beach, CA. A much needed vacation and quality bonding time:
In MAY I went on a business trip to Las Vegas and cried like a baby in the airport while I said goodbye to my baby. Then I got to Vegas and realized that being footloose and fancy free for a few days wasn't so bad (but I was thrilled to come home!), and Logan got his mission call:
(the dolphins at The Mirage)

JUNE brought my sister Natalie's wedding and family outings to the mountains:

JULY was a busy month with holidays, swimming, job changes, and Claires 1st birthday!

AUGUST was another busy month with our 3 year anniversary celebrated by a camping trip and Logan left on his mission to Brazil. Sadly, we also sold dear Gertie. She has a better life now though living with another bulldog and they are the best of friends. Our lives our simpler now too!:

SEPTEMBER we started school again and well, we were just plain exhausted:

OCTOBER we had a blast on Halloween:

NOVEMBER Claire continued to grow like a weed and get into all sorts of things:

and DECEMBER brought birthdays and holidays and lots of love and food and family and fun. (See previous post if you want pictures, I'm tired of uploading all these things.)

It was so much fun to watch Claire grow and learn this last year. It's broken my heart to see her go from a baby to a toddler, but I'm so proud of the things she is learning and the little cutie she continues to be.

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Merry Little Christmas

We enjoyed a great Christmas this last week. It was made especially nice because for once Brady wasn't working retail and we got to enjoy plenty of quality time with him! We spent our time going back and forth between Grantsville and Draper, eating ourselves silly (that seems to be a theme in my posts lately...), and enjoying lots of family time. Rather than reading about it, here's some pics:

Daddy and Claire at the Christmas Eve party in Grantsville.
Claire could not stop staring at Santa...Christmas morning at Grandma and Granddad's (my parent's) house:
Talking to Brady's brother Logan who is serving a mission in Brazil:
I about died when I my sister's Christmas present. A sweet little German shepherd puppy named Tallie. Oh my heck, she just melts my heart...
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!