Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A big getaway

I'm pretty sure I posted last summer about how my work threw this huge party and gave away a bajillion prizes including three grand prizes, and I WON the grand prize of a 7-day cruise. Remember? Well, we finally took that cruise this last week, and it was heaven. Very hard to return to normal life. It was tough to leave Claire, I will admit I shed a few tears almost every day, but it was great to have some quality time with my husband in a beautiful part of the world. I do feel very grateful that we have such wonderful family members who took such great care of our little girl while we were away.

We left from Florida and went to St. Martin, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk (part of the Turks & Caicos islands). We were supposed to go to the Bahamas too, but they normally take us ashore in little boats and the wind and currents were too strong that day, so they felt it wasn't safe. Bummer. But we still had a great time. All of the islands were beautiful, but we especially fell in love with St. Thomas. Seriously, gorgeous. We've been Googling job opportunities and housing there ever since we got home :)

We spent our time relaxing, eating, getting sunburned (well, me anyway), mountain biking, snorkeling, riding in jet boats, walking the beautiful beaches, eating some more, ballroom dance lessons, attending concerts and shows, eating again, working out, napping, reading, and did I mention we ate a lot of good food? Oddly enough, despite all the eating, somehow I managed to lose a few pounds. Explain that one!

Here's about a million pictures. Enjoy!

Oh hey, here we are EATING, imagine that...

Mountain biking in St. Martin
Cattle roaming the island of St. Martin. There were herds of cattle, goats, and sheep just roaming all over the place.
Beach on St. Martin.
Pretty ship, oh and more EATING. Good grief...
My oh so sunburned and very swollen feet :(
Magen's Bay Beach on St. Thomas. Named the 10th most beautiful beach in the world. Amazing place.
Magen's Bay, St. Thomas.
Grand Turk
Some brain coral and giant seashells just chillin' on the beach in Grand Turk.
Beautiful, isolated beaches at Grand Turk (there is a storm rolling in, hence the dark sky). The water there was crystal clear.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little getaway

Our little family had the chance to go down to St. George for a couple of nights with some friends in our ward. It was so nice to have time with my two favorite people, especially since we don't get a whole lot of time together!

We didn't do a whole lot, just enjoyed the warmer weather, did a little hiking, some swimming, some eating, and some more relaxing. The first day down Claire was sleep deprived and was a mess, and I will admit that I was thinking the trip was a big mistake. After getting a good night's sleep though she was good as gold the next day. Since she learned to walk it has been cold, yucky weather, so she hasn't really had the chance to play outside before. Thanks to the warmth down south we were able to spend lots of time outside, and she LOVED it. She just wanted to roam the neighborhood all day and wasn't too pleased if we tried to stop her. That girl definitely has an independent spirit!

Sadly the trip was short, but even the time in the car with my sweetheart was thoroughly enjoyed. Now that I've experienced some nice weather I have a raging case of Spring Fever. Summer, come soon!

Hiking the petrified sand dunes:

Eating rocks, the little stinker:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The post where I hang my head in shame as I write it

I watched it. The Bachelor. The biggest waste of precious time on the planet. I even consider Keeping Up With The Kardashians better entertainment. And people, that is sad. Last season I swore I would never watch it again, but the thing pulled me in like the vortex of suckitude that it is.

I agree with everyone else. Jake is an idiot. And so am I for throwing away my Monday nights on that. Yuck.

Never again! Monday night is officially NO TV night. We'll see how it goes.