Saturday, July 10, 2010

I love schedules

Me? I'm not really a routine kind of gal. I don't really eat at the same time every day, I have gotten better about going to bed around the same time but I can survive if I don't. I'm pretty go-with-the-flow.

But I married a man who lives and dies by a schedule. Seriously. He has an eating schedule, a bathroom schedule, and a sleep schedule. If he does not abide by his schedules, everything is thrown off.

Apparently our offspring takes after him in that regard. Claire thrives on a schedule. Which is great because it is predictable, but it sure sucks for the summer. Usually bedtime is 8:30 PM- where's the fun in that? It's still light outside! There's all sorts of fun things we could be doing! And if we do fireworks or a campfire or whatever that is only fun if it is dark! It's a conundrum. Do we stick to the schedule? Or do we throw it out the window for some fun?

Well! This last weekend I thought it would be no big deal to throw caution to the wind and keep Claire up a little late. WRONG. On both Friday and Sunday nights, after a late bedtime and far too much sugar, Claire went wonky in the night. She woke up at 2:00 AM and was either ready to throw a tantrum or to play. Tried as we might, she would not sleep. We tried leaving her in her crib...tantrum. We tried rocking her. She'd get almost asleep, and then suddenly her head would pop up. "Daddy! Pillow! Doggie! Woof woof! Hehe, silly Claire!" A monologue of her thoughts for over an hour. Finally after 2 hours of her conversing and us trying not to go insane, she finally fell asleep.

We've spent almost this entire last week paying for our foolishness of screwing up her routine for an entire weekend. She has refused to sleep and has been cranky and dramatic. After several days of trying to get her routine back under control, our happy and easy-going little girl has returned.

I have learned my lesson. Maybe one late night here and there won't hurt, but NEVER assume that one little 3-day weekend won't be a big deal!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A fabulous fourth

The Fourth of July is one of my very favorite holidays. There's always so many fun things to do! Such as:

The parade in Grantsville (Claire is very intent on when they will be throwing more candy)

Watching awesome fireworks.

Eating lots of junk food.


A whole bunch of not sleeping, courtesy of Claire.


Eating more junk food

Getting filthy in about 0.4 seconds

A whole lot more of NOT sleeping, again courtesy of Claire.

But overall, having lots of fun!