Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The most obnoxious project in the world

The last thing this blog is is a DIY/home-improvement blog...or perhaps a cooking blog...or most definitely not a fashion blog. Good heavens, what DO I offer the blog world?

Anyway, several months ago we put our house on the market for a variety of reasons. One being that we've lived here for 6 years now, and our original plan was 5 years. We've lived here our entire married life and kinda think it might be time for our next adventure. We've been so torn though because we do like where we live, and we've been blessed with wonderful friends here...

The primary reason though is a giant HOA mess involving crumbling stucco on many homes in the area, water damage to some homes, a big fat lawsuit to the builder, and some dumb decisions from the HOA over the years, which has resulted in high HOA fees for us that are only going to get higher (and we don't even have cool amenities like a pool or clubhouse). We thought it might be time to get out before it became impossible to sell.

We've had some offers, but on the low end of things thanks to the lame housing market. Since we don't have to sell right now we figure that we'll just ride it out until the right offer comes along. All the showings are a pain, but my house sure has been clean!

In April we decided maybe we should do some updates that we'd been talking about doing for years anyway in hopes of increasing value. And, if we end up not selling, at least we like the house we're in. So we embarked on a project that for us, was massive. I repeat- we are not "handy" people. We get no thrill out of the DIY type stuff. In fact, we rather hate it. A few months ago we replaced our back doorknob and deadbolt and it took the two of us over an hour and more swear words than I wish to divulge... and it still kinda looks like crap.

So we decided to update our oak cabinets that looked dated, as well as replace the linoleum in our kitchen with tile. We also ripped up a section of carpet in the entryway that leads back to the kitchen and replaced it with tile, since it is such a high-traffic area and the carpet was beat. We are fortunate that Brady's dad and brother both have laid tile for a living, so we had a good connection there. We decided to tackle the cabinets first, and then while we were in California for a week have the tile laid during that time. Brilliant, right? We figured we'd have things all done and beautiful by the time we came home. Easy peasy!


Excuse me while I laugh at my naive and idiotic assumptions about home projects!

The cabinet project started out fine, and really, we had no hang-ups throughout, other than the fact that it TOOK A MILLION YEARS! And was so totally obnoxious. Oh, and I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and totally sick and exhausted, and had bronchitis for much of it (see previous posts). The last thing you want to do while nauseous and tired and is head outside to paint cabinets. And no, we did not do things the "professional" or the "Pinterest" way and rent a sprayer and all that. We went old school (cheap!) with rollers and paintbrushes. Kill me.

We left for California with the cabinets about half done and figured at least we'd come home to beautiful flooring...HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! We kind of overlooked the fact that because my father-in-law was doing this for us for super-minimal pay, he was just kind of stopping by when he had time. An hour here, an hour there...two weeks after we got home the refrigerator was still in the living room and we were still hopping from place to place to avoid the unfinished areas.

However, the tile did eventually get finished, and the painting and hardware installation on the cabinets did come to an end, more or less (I still have touch-up to do that I procrastinate week after week...gah!) The paint job is totally amateur and I see flaws on pretty much every square inch of each cabinet, but hey! It's done! And I do think that it looks better than it used to, flaws notwithstanding.

(Forgive the crappy phone photos. If you haven't noticed, this blog also is not a photography blog.)

The biggest accomplishment of all? Our marriage managed to stay intact throughout the process! In fact, not one frustration-from-home-improvement-fueled fight! Go us!


Kateka said...

For the win - kitchen done, double win - marriage in tact! You should definitely start up a DIY blog since you managed to successfully tackle both. Congratulations!

Bennion Lovin' said...

What a HUGE project! Honestly, it looks amazing. So worth it right?